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Conference Papers

The Provable Security of Ed25519: Theory and Practice
With J. Brendel, C. Cremers, and M. Zhao.
IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy (Oakland), S&P 2021.
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A Spectral Analysis of Noise: A Comprehensive, Automated, Formal Analysis of DH Protocols
With G. Girol, L. Hirschi, R. Sasse, C. Cremers, and D. Basin.
USENIX Security Symposium, USENIX 2020.
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Seems Legit: Automated Analysis of Subtle Attacks on Protocols that use Signatures
With C. Cremers, K. Cohn-Gordon, and R. Sasse.
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS 2019.
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Prime, Order Please! Revisiting Small Subgroup and Invalid Curve Attacks on Protocols using DH
With C. Cremers.
IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, CSF 2019.
Distinguished Paper Award
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Other Published Works

Short Paper: Modular Black-box Runtime Verification of Security Protocols
With K. Morio, M. Vassena, and R. Künnemann.
15th Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security, PLAS 2020.
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Early Evidence of Effectiveness of Digital Contact Tracing for SARS-CoV-2 in Switzerland
With M. Salathé, C. L. Althaus, N. Anderegg, D. Antonioli, T. Ballouz, E. Bugnion, S. Capkun, S. Kim, J. Larus, N. Low, W. Lueks, D. Menges, C. Moullet, M. Payer, J. Riou, T. Stadler, C. Troncoso, E. Vayena, and V. von Wyl.
Swiss Medical Weekly, December 2020.
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Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (DP3T)
With C. Troncoso, M. Payer, J-P. Hubaux, M. Salathé, J. Larus, E. Bugnion, W. Lueks, T. Stadler, A. Pyrgelis, D. Antonioli, L. Barman, S. Chatel, K. Paterson, S. Čapkun, D. Basin, J. Beutel, , M. Roeschlin, P. Leu, C. Cremers, B. Preneel, N. Smart, A. Abidin, S. Gürses, M. Veale, M. Backes, N. Tippenhauer, R. Binns, C. Cattuto, A. Barrat, D. Fiore, M. Barbosa, R. Oliveira, and J. Pereira.
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Improving Automated Protocol Verification: Real World Cryptography
Supervised by Cas Cremers and Andrew Simpson.
University of Oxford, 2020.
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