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Dennis Jackson

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About Me

I’m a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Prof. David Basin’s Information Security Group at ETH Zurich. In 2020, I completed my PhD at the University of Oxford with Prof. Cas Cremers.

I’m passionate about the design, development and deployment of secure and privacy-preserving systems. To that end, I’ve helped design the DP3T contact tracing protocols, formally verified the Noise Protocol Framework and discovered new attacks on Secure Scuttlebutt’s authenticated key exchange. My research interests range from applied cryptography to protocol design and formal verification.

I also appreciate that privacy-preserving systems need to be performant, scalable and usable in order to be deployed. During my PhD, I was a research intern at Mozilla where I worked on the performance and scalability of the Tor anonymity system. After finishing the internship, I was invited to become a Core Contributor with the Tor Project, where I continue to work with the Metrics and Network Health Teams.